Best Quadcopter for GoPro Camera

The GoPro camera changed and revolutionised how sports, POV and action video is filmed. Back in the days before GoPro, action filmmakers needed to carry huge cameras with huge rigs in order to capture action shots. Remember Survivorman by Les Stroud? One of the reason Les stopped filming Survivorman is because of the burden of carrying heavy filming equipment and attempting to survive in harsh environment.

The success of the GoPro camera line sparked a great revolution in aerial photography with the development of the Ready to Fly Remote Control Aerial Filming Quadcopters. Now you do not need to spend thousands of dollars to hire helicopters to film HD aerial videos. Literally anyone can purchase a RTF quadcopter and GoPro camera easily and start flying and filming professional aerial videos.

Now we are going to show you the best quadcopter for GoPro camera.

DJI Innovations, Walkera, and 3DRobotics are amongst the top remote control multirotor companies that manufactures Ready to Fly quadcopters to work exclusively with the GoPro camera.

These are the top quadcopter for GoPro camera:

  1. DJI Phantom Series – Phantom, Phantom 2 Vision, Phantom 2 by DJI Innovations
  2. QR X350 by Walkera
  3. IRIS by 3DRobotics

DJI Innovations

DJI Innovations is the global leader in developing and manufacturing high performance, reliable, and easy-to- use small unmanned aerial systems (UAS), for commercial and recreational use.

DJI Innovations brings the aerial photography that is usually meant for big budgeted experts down to the average hobbyists with it’s DJI Phantom quadcopter series consisting of the DJI Phantom, DJI Phantom 2 Vision and the soon to be launched DJI Phantom 2.

1. DJI Phantom Quadcopter 

DJI Phantom Quadcopter Ready To Fly

This is DJI Innovations’ flagship Ready to Fly Quadcopter. Let Colin Guinn from DJI show you what you get when you purchase the DJI Phantom quadcopter below:

Now this is what professionals can do with the DJI Phantom quadcopter. This is an aerial showreel below by FCTN a professional aerial filming studio based in Florida. Read more about what FCTN thinks about the DJI Phantom quadcopter here. Note: This aerial showreel was filmed with the GoPro Hero3 Black Edition camera mounted on the professional camera stabilisation Zenmuse H3-2D gimbal developed by DJI as well. The DJI Phantom is really one of the best quadcopter for GoPro camera.

Purchase the DJI Phantom quadcopter from Amazon:

DJI Phantom Quadcopter 

Zenmuse H3-2D Gimbal

GoPro Hero3 Black Edition

If you are looking for a complete Aerial Filming Package check this out:

DroneFly DJI Phantom Ultimate Aerial Filming Package DJI Phantom Quadcopter Aerial Filming Package Deal

This package includes:
-Dji Phantom Kit (Remote Controller, Gopro Mount, Wall Charger, 1 2200mah 20c Lipo Battery, extra props.
-Zenmuse H3-2D Gimbal (GoPro Camera Not Included)
-Upgrade Kit Board with tilt lever control -5 Dronefly 2200mah 30c Lipo Battteries
-Phantom Case -Voltage Checker for Battery
-Professional Installation and testing by the Dronefly techs

2. DJI Phantom 2 Vision


The DJI Phantom 2 Vision is DJI’s recent addition to it’s fleet of Phantom quadcopters. This new quadcopter comes with a built in 14 megapixel camera, upgraded rotor motors, self-tightening propellers, built in FPV system that sends video to an iOS app, huge 5200 mAH battery that gives you up to 25 minutes of flight time. According to popular reviews, the Phantom 2 Vision is really designed to take aerial still photography. Read this review about the Phantom 2 Vision from CNET. Click here for images taken with the Phantom 2 Vision. For aerial videos, it is best to stick with the DJI Phantom quadcopter plus the Zenmuse Gimbal.

For more information about the DJI Phantom 2 Vision please visit our DJI Phantom 2 Vision resources

Please watch this video below for more information about the DJI Phantom 2 Vision from Colin Guinn the CEO of DJI Innovations.

This is a video of scenes filmed with the DJI Phantom 2 Vision by . Not bad right?

Purchase the DJI Phantom 2 Vision quadcopter from Authorised DJI Dealer Amazon:

2. DJI Phantom 2


Now the DJI Phantom 2 will be the latest and newest DJI quadcopter. This new quadcopter is the 2nd generation Phantom with the upgraded motors, self-tightening propeller, customised Zenmuse H3-2D gimbal support, can-bus support expansion and bigger batteries. Basically the new DJI Phantom 2 combines the great stability and flight time of the Phantom 2 Vision with the great aerial video filming capabilities of the DJI Phantom.

For more information about the DJI Phantom 2, click here.

Watch this video below by DJIguys about the DJI Phantom 2



With the concept of “Walking in Era and Towing the Trend”, replying on its strong research & development ability, and manufacturing capacity, Guangzhou Walkera Technology CO., LTD. has become a professional aero-model manufacturer that unifies product research & development, production, marketing, and service.

Walkera QR X350

Walkera QR X350

Walkera started out by manufacturing RC toy helicopters and mini toy quadcopters. Walkera’s flagship quadcopter is the QR X350. The QR X350 is designed for the RTF Aerial Filming quadcopter market. It has similar features as the DJI Phantom quadcopter such as GPS /altitude hold system, Return to Home feature, Failsafe and Auto landing capabilities and a mount for the GoPro camera. You can find a discussion thread about the Walkera QR X350 at

Watch this Walkera QR X350 review by tonytypes

Watch these aerial test videos filmed using the Walkera QR X350 and the GoPro camera

Buy the Walkera QR X350 from Amazon here



3DR’s UAV platforms capture breathtaking aerial imagery for consumer enjoyment and data analysis, enabling mapping, surveying, 3D modeling and more. Our technology is currently used across multiple industries around the world, including agriculture, photography, construction, search and rescue and ecological study. 3DR is committed to bringing the power of UAV technology to the mainstream market.

3DRobotics is really the leading company in autonomous UAV technology. The company’s main product is not the quadcopters but the actual Autopilot system. The software to run the autopilot software is actually free and open sourced.


IRIS is an all-in-one autonomous aerial vehicle with a compact and durable design. Stylish and powerful, IRIS runs on the innovative Pixhawk autopilot system–the newest in advanced autopilot electronics from the PX4 open-hardware project. With wide-angled arms and a GoPro-compatible camera mount, IRIS is perfect for any aerial imaging application. Add a GoPro Hero 3 to capture breathtaking aerial video.

IRIS features the complete set of APM:Copter autonomous capabilities, including automatic takeoff and landing, custom mission planning with GPS waypoint navigation, stabilized loitering, return to launch, circling mode and more. Combine Pixhawk’s high availability hardware model with APM:Copter’s robust automatic recovery for superior reliability in the air.

Watch the 3DR IRIS video by 3DRobotics

If you would like to buy the 3DR IRIS click here.

So which quadcopter do you think is the best quadcopter for GoPro camera?

  1. DJI Phantom Series – Phantom, Phantom 2 Vision, Phantom 2 by DJI Innovations
  2. QR X350 by Walkera
  3. IRIS by 3DRobotics


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  • Relatives have a ranching operation with many square miles of land, fencing around all of that, a crop of thousands of round bales of hay this year, plus the cattle to go with all of the above. They don’t think a multi-rotor copter and camera would qualify as ranch equipment for the IRS. I tend to differ with that view. Can you prove one way or the other for a possible investment to monitor their cattle, fences, watering equipment, tenant and energy operations, etc. being accepted by the IRS as ranch equipment?